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Your own Online University Site:
 - Complete e-Learning site with your logo and colors.
 - Full Navigation gives access to index, glossary, bookmarking and references
    from each content page.
 - Instructor messaging facility allows your learners to access the trainer,
    subject matter expert, or support person for help and guidance. (optional)

e-Learning content development:
 - Course content that is engaging, memorable and easily understood by a
    learner including simulations and questions about key concepts and facts.
 - Skills assessment testing gives the option of answering questions embedded
    within the course, providing feedback to learners of their course knowledge.
    After a course is finished, learners can take a "post-test" to assess how well
    they have mastered the material.
 - Course index allows learners to quickly find information they need.
 - Glossary is always accessible to the learner and will contain all the terms and
    definitions that are used in your course.
 - Bookmarking allows learners to stop the course and gives the option to start
    from that point or from the beginning when they return .
 - Research and reference page contains links to any related materials or
    supporting information for your course.

Hosting and Learning Management Systems:
 - Content hosting provided with our solid hardware that is designed to provide
    constant uptime and full data and hardware redundancy.
 - User account management provides learner registration and management.
    Just provide the learner details and we will manage it for you.
 - Test result tracking and management.
 - Comprehensive management reports are available online and provides
    information about learners, tests and courses. Data available for download.
 - Security and daily backups.