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CBT Center provides development of e-Learning that enables you to get your content online quickly. Once your courses are developed we will host them in your own Online University and provide a complete learning management system (LMS). We provide services that will help you successfully deliver e-Learning that is engaging, memorable and easily understood by your learners. Below is a list of services we provide to help you deliver e-learning:

We create your site, navigation and infrastructure for your own Online University with servers that are designed from solid hardware providing constant uptime and full data and hardware redundancy.

We design and develop your e-Learning course based on your requirements and working with your subject matter experts. We will build your course to be interactive and include illustrations, audio and video to make the learner's experience enjoyable.

We develop any tests your course requires. Questions may be embedded within the course providing learners with feedback of their course knowledge. After a course is finished, learners can take a "post-test" to assess how well they have mastered the material.

We host your courses and related materials in your own secure Online University.

We provide a complete learning management system that includes: account registration, test performance and reporting, and learner management tracking and online reporting.