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Once we receive an inquiry for an e-learning solution, we follow a process that helps us understand your requirements completely and only then do we embark on the implementation of the project. The following outlines the process that will ensure a successful implementation of your e-learning courses.

In the needs analysis stage an understanding of the target audience, identifying the primary objectives of the e-learning initiative, and analyzing existing content for modification or restructuring is performed.

The instructional design stage follows and provides a detailed design document to be used in the development and deployment stage of the project. The instructional designer performs a detailed analysis of learning needs and goals, gathers information, defines the content of your course including media, learner interaction activities and skills testing. This stage includes the following tasks:

Analyze needs:
- Gather information and collect data
- Identify needs (cognitive and attitudinal skills)
- Write and prioritize instructional goals
- Write a needs analysis report

Mission Statement:
- Scope and objectives of the training project
- Audience Profile Report
- Objectives description and measurements - accuracy levels

Analyze and Outline content:
- Gather and create content
- Outline desired skills, knowledge and attitudes
- Course Map

Interface design:
- Define and select learner activities
- Storyboard and flowcharts
- Define media - Videos, animation and narrative lists

After the design stage, comes the development and deployment of the content and the Learning Management System. We take your design document and develop your training course and required test and implement the course into your Online University. This stage includes the following tasks:

Production and Pilot testing
- Media production and sourcing
- Authoring and integration of media elements
- Distribution of course
- Reporting and tracking
- Logistics and maintenance
- Testing
- Learning and effectiveness evaluations