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Below is our pricing for e-Learning development, course hosting and learning management system (LMS) access. A calculator is available to estimate your hosting and LMS needs.


  Monthly hosting including first course      $150

  Monthly hosting each additional course     $50


Active Users



$5 per user


$4 per user


$3 per user


$2 per user

Monthly fee is based on the number of users active at any time during the month. Active users are those enrolled in a course that has not been completed.

There is a $15 annual cap per user.


  Use the calculator below to estimate you hosting and user fee

  Number of courses            

  Number of active users               

  Estimated Monthly Fee     

  Estimated Annual Fee       


  e-Learning course development       $75-$100 per page
  content including images, audio and video
  provided by customer

  PowerPoint to Flash conversion       $300
  some PowerPoint animation may be lost
  in conversion